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Installation Process

Our installation process is aided by giving careful detail to obtaining the correct measurements before constructing your cabinets. When possible, we will personally get these measurements to insure accuracy. This step allows us to custom make the cabinets that will be a perfect fit for your kitchen, bath or other cabinetry. During cabinet construction we always keep in mind the installation process and how we can tailor each piece to aid with installation.

When we arrive with your cabinets we begin by using a laser level to assure that each cabinet will be properly aligned with the others when completed. Each component is carefully fit/inserted/set into its place, and when needed we will shim or trim the cabinet for a precise fit. Finished cabinet ends are oversized to assure that they can be trimmed to accurately align with the floors and walls. Cabinets are securely anchored to the wall and to each other.

After cabinets are properly set, matching moldings are applied to enhance the beauty of the finished product. Crown, fascia, baseboard, toeboard, etc are measured, mitered and carefully applied to enrich the look of your cabinetry.

Because we are a small independent shop, whenever any changes or alteration need to be made during installation, we are able to offer a very quick response to correct or remake any component to have your kitchen, bath or other cabinetry completed in a timely manner.


Wood Creations is able to customize your perfect cabinets, entertainment centers, shelves, desk, bookcases, and even fireplace mantles. Our job is to first speak with you to understand exactly what you are looking for. At that point, we will create your custom piece to your exact specs, type of wood, and color. Contact Wood Creations today to discuss your custom job. You may visit our contact page or call us directly at (717) 351-7188.

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